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Minnesota Birding Information

Online Birding Guide to Southeastern Minnesota (all counties east of I-35 and south of the Twin Cities)
Kim Eckert's "A Birder's Guide to Minnesota" is The book on finding birds in Minnesota
   [it is out of print but the updates continue -  latest update was in July 2015]
Minnesota Birding Weeks/Weekends Field Trips (link)

Friends of Sax Zim Bog - check out their website and the new Welcome Center

Checklist of the Birds of Minnesota   - latest AOU/ABA and MOU updates
Minnesota Birding Organizations
 -  MOU Website
 MOU Query Database - info on birds reported
-  MOUNet Listserv - via ABA.com - select Minnesota MOU-NET to see recent messages
MNBird Listserv - via Surfbirds.com
Minnesota Christmas Bird Count Information (link)
Minnesota related Birding Web Page Links (jump to links section)
Birding Information for Olmsted County (Rochester), MN

Online Birding Guide to Olmsted County (local "hot spots" - with maps, etc)
Birder Contacts for Olmsted County

Olmsted County Bird List (with bar charts to indicate annual abundance)
Olmsted County Big Day Results (data since 1985)
Rochester, MN Christmas Bird Count (results since 1995)
Olmsted County Nature Organizations
(and other Olmsted Co web links)
 - Zumbro Valley Audubon Society