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Links to Web Sites with Bird Identification Info

General Bird ID Info

  Note: Checklist Info is located on the Bird Info page
  Alaska Fish & Game      Bird Quiz Wildlife Notebook Series
  Audubon's 'Birds of America' Views of all plates via University of Pittsburgh
  Bird Names - Translations Shows the names of a species in 5 languages
  Bird Wings  photos of bird wings University of Puget Sound  (in Washington State)
  Birds of New England  
  Birds of North America - Online Annual Subscription - $40
  BWD Species Profiles
Includes over 90 species of birds, particularly backyard birds
  Bird Information Website Michael Shepard
  Cornell - All about Birds
Cornell - Inside Birding (identification videos)
On-line bird identification guide
  Eastern Shorebirds On-line bird identification guide
  eNature info on birds  
  Field Guide Listing
        Bird Guide Listing (international)
Diane Schmidt at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Feather Atlas - USF&W Service On-line bird feather identification guide
  IBC - Handbook of the Birds of the World Internet Bird Collection
  Percevia Bird ID search database
  Sibley Online Guide to Birds On eNature.com
  Species & Speciation Definition of what is a species
  Taxonomy and Nomenclature Definition of taxonomy
  WhatBird On-line bird identification guide
  Wildbirds Pete Thayer

Audio Info

  Animal Behavior Archive Cornell Macaulay Library

Cornell  Lab of Ornithology
  Bird Songs of Europe Bird sound CDs (17 CD set) - includes birds from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
  Bird Song Mnemonics  
  Crossbills AudioVisual Guide Complete guide to crossbills
  e-Nature Audio Guide  
  Flight Calls of Migratory Birds (Old-Bird) Bill Evans
  Living Sound Recordings Bird sound CDs/Tapes
  North American Bird Songs Nature Songs
  Xeno Canto Bird songs from Tropical America

Species Specific Info

  Cackling -vs- Canada Geese Sibley
  Crossbills AudioVisual Guide Complete guide to Red Crossbill sub-species
  Crows  Fish -vs- American  
  Dippers - South Dakota  
  Dowitchers - Long vs Short-billed Cin-Ty Lee and Andrew Birch
  Feather Atlas Photos of feathers
  Gulls - Martin Reid's Web Site  
  Gulls - Slaty-backed Gull Joe Morlan's web site
  Gulls - Slaty-backed Gull Birds Korea web site
  Hawk Shapes presentation Travis Audubon - Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory
  Hummingbird Monitoring Network  
  Hummingbird Web Site Terri and Larry Gates of Portal, AZ
  Hummingbirds Net  
  Hummingbirds John Gallagher & William Zittrich
  Ruby-throated Hummingbird & its "lookalikes" LOS article - Dittmann & Cardiff
  Hummingbirds - take another look LOS article - Dittmann & Cardiff
    - White-lined Sphinx Moth - 1  2  3  
  Long-billed Murrelet PDF of article in 1997 Birding
  Long-billed Murrelet McGowan - Dec2001

Peregrine Falcon - midwest banding info Midwest peregrines are banded with a purple colored USFWS bird band and also with a black over green alpha-numeric band.
  Rosy-Finches Rosy-Finches at Sandia Crest, New Mexico
  Sage Grouse - Gunnison, CO  
  Scaup Identification Separating Lesser and Greater Scaup
  Trochilids - Winter Hummer Mapping Stacy Jon Peterson's site
  Whooping Crane pdf info on quantities from 1938-2004

Banding Code Information

  Species Banding Code Information download list sorted in species (taxonomic) number, alpha code number or by common name
  Banding Code information (different sorts)  
  Rules for forming the codes