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Links to Web Sites with Bird Information


  ABA Checklist of Birds   (970 species) Version 7.3 (Nov 2011)
  AOU - North American Birds   (2083 species) 7th Edition 53rd Supplement (2012)
  Clement's Checklist of Birds of the World 6th Ed via Cornell (Mar 2007)
     Clements Checklist Downloadable Excel list
     Updates to Clements Checklist  
  International Ornithologists' Union checklist  Birds of the World (incl Excel files for download)
  Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World Select specific region to obtain checklist
  WorldBirdInfo (World-wide Database of Birds) John Penhallurick (Australia)

Bird Information

  American Bird Center  
  Avibase - World Bird Database  
  Bird stamps Photos of bird stamps from all over the world
    Birding dot Com logo
Pete Thayer's site
   Top 25 Birding Web Sites
  BirdingAcrossAmerica.com   Bird Photography - arranged by state
Jack Siler's site
  See also: BirdMail and Tuffbirds
  Birding Hotspots Around the World Tina MacDonald's site
         USA Hotspots      MN Hotspots also from Tina MacDonald
  Bird Biogeography
Bird Biogeography
Fantastic amount of information on birds around the world
  Birds of North America - Online Annual Subscription - $42
  Birdwatcher's Digest
  Brazilian Atlantic Forest - bird cam  
  Cornell Audio Guides (CDs/DVDs)
Audio guides available for purchase
  Critter Cam National Geographic site
  DigiBird Information on digiscoping birds
  Himalayan Snowcock Ruby Mountains of NE Nevada
  Hummingbird Monitoring Network  
  National Bird (for countries world-wide)  
  Peterson Online  
  SORA - Journal Database Search From the University of New Mexico.  SORA stands for Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
  State Birds of the United States  
  Stokes Birding Blog  
  Stokes at Home
    Stokes at Home
    Surfbird Logo
All sorts of birding information - including listing
  USGS Migratory “Aerofauna” Tracking bird migration by radar
  Western Atlantic Shorebird Association
       Banding Info - band combinations
  What bird (makers of iBird Explorer app)
Sights and sounds of NA birds
UK company

Banding Code Information

  Banding Code information  
     Rules for forming the codes  

Documenting Rare Species

  Documenting Rarities Wilds, C, and R. Hilton. 1992.  Maryland Birdlife 48:30_35.
  How to Document Rare Birds
 -also via Louisiana Ornithological Society
Dittmann, D. L., and G. W. Lasley. 1992,Birding 24:145_159
  Identification and Documentation Skills Maryland Bird Records Committee - tribute to Claudia Wilds
  Writing Convincing Details A step-by-step primer provided by Mark Patterson