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  Alphabetical Index of Bird Clubs in the USA from About Birding
  American Bird Conservancy
    American Bird Conservancy
  American Birding Association
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  American Ornithologists' Union
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AOU Checklist - 7th Edition, 54th Supplement
Checklist of North American Birds  - Download (excel) Browse or Search
AOU Committee on Classification and Nomenclature

   History of North American Birdnames (not AOU but obviously related)

  Association of Field Ornithologists
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  Audubon Society Chapters (by state)  
  Avibase World Bird Database
  Birdlife International
    BirdLife International
  Birdlinks to the World
  BirdNet: Ornithological Council
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Group of several ornithology organizations
  Cape May Bird Observatory New Jersey
  Colonial Waterbird Society  
  Conservation through Birding  
  Cooper Ornithological Society
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  Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
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       All About Birds - Inside Birding
  Dean Birders (UK)
  Defenders of Wildlife Washington, DC
  Ducks Unlimited  Ducks Unlimited  
  G M Sutton Avian Research Center Oklahoma
  Golden Gate Raptor Observatory California
  Great Basin Bird Observatory
    Great Basin Bird Observatory
  Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
    Hawk Mountain
  Hawk Migration Association of NA  
  Hummingbirds.net 2004 Ruby-throat Migration
  Hummingbird Project South Carolina
  Institute for Field Ornithology
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  International Crane Foundation
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  International Osprey Foundation
    Intl Osprey Foundation
  International Wildlife Coalition
    International Wildlife Coalition
  Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences Massachusetts
  National Audubon Society
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  National Audubon Chapters (by state)  
  National Bird-Feeding Society  
  National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Washington, DC
  National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institute
  National Wetlands Research Center  
  National Wildlife Federation
    National Wildlife Federation
Washington, DC
  Nature Society Purple Martin Organization
  North American Bluebird Society
    NA Bluebird Society
  Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center North Dakota
  Ornithological Societies of North America
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  Partners In Flight  
  Patuxent Wildlife Research Center  
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     Bird banding information and CODEs
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  Pheasants Forever
    Pheasants Forever
  Point Reyes Bird Observatory California
  Project Migration Introduced Whooping Cranes in Wisconsin 2002 flock  2003 flock
  Purple Martin Conservation Association Pennsylvania
  Rainforest Alliance New York
  Raptor Center Minnesota
  Raptor Research Foundation Minnesota
  Sierra Club
    Sierra Club
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  The Nature Conservancy
    The Nature Conservancy
  Trout Unlimited   Virginia
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    US Fish & Wildlife Service    Shorebird Conservation Plan
Washington, DC
  Virtual Birder
    The Virtual Birder
  Western Field Ornithologists
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  Wilderness Society Washington, DC
  Wildlife Conservation Society New York
  Wildlife Forever
  Wildlife Society
    The Wildlife Society
  Wilson Ornithological Society
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  Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative Wisconsin
  World Conservation Union  
  World Land Trust Wildlife Focus
  World Owl Trust  
  World Wildlife Fund Washington, DC
  World Wildlife International