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Links to Birding Web Sites - Western United States

Bob Ekblad

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  Bird Checklist of California  
  Western Field Ornithologists  
  California Bird Records Committee  
  Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages  
  California County Geographic Birding Guide  
  Shearwater Journeys  
  Condor Express (Pelagic Trips) Santa Barbara
  Point Reyes Bird Observatory  
  San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory  
  Arcata Godwit Days Festival  
  Santa Cruz Island (Island Scrub Jay) Channel Islands National Park
  Santa Cruz Island Boat Trips (Island Packers) Shoreline Birding with Scrub Jay Walk
  Los Angeles Audubon Society  
  Orange County Birding Localities  
  Orange County Birding  -   Location Info  
  Elkhorn Slough Safari Nature Tours Moss Landing - pontoon boat trips
  Moonglow Dairy (Moss Landing)  
  Birding in Yolo County, CA  
  Mary Beth Stowe's Birding San Diego County  
  SW Border Birding blog Mike Evans
  San Diego County Birding - Lists/Reports Download files
  San Diego County Birding Locale Maps Links to maps of birding sites
  San Diego County Birding Information Joe Morlan's listings
  San Diego Bay Bird Festival  
  Salton Sea International Bird Festival  
  Tide/Current Predictor  
  Site Selection: U.S. West Coast  
  Central Coast Birding Trail  
  Eastern Sierra Birding Trail  

  Bird Checklist of Colorado  
  Colorado Field Ornithologists  
Colorado Birding Society  
  Colorado Bird Records Committee  
  Colorado Birding Trails  
  Great Pikes Peak Birding Trail  
  CFO Colorado County Birding Info & checklists by county & by species
  CO CFO Birding Listserv  
  Sisk-a-dee Good info - including a map & sunrise schedule
  Colorado State Wildlife Area Habitat Stamp  
  The Gunnison Sage-Grouse  
  USGS Gunnison Sage-Grouse Info  
  Gunnison Sage-Grouse Colorado Division of Wildlife
  Gunnison Sage-Grouse - BLM Info  
  Directions to Waunita Lek  
  Colorado Maps  

  Bird Checklist of Hawaii (pdf file) Link to download is in the lower right
  Hawaii Audubon Society  
  Birding Hawaii  
  Guide to Birding in Hawaii  
  Hawaii Forest & Trail Big Island

  Bird Checklist of Nevada Great Basin Bird Observatory
  Great Basin Bird Observatory  
  Nevada Bird Record Committee  
  Bird Checklists - Regional Nevada Nevada Department of Wildlife
  Red Rock Audubon - Las Vegas  
  Red Rock Audubon birding spots  
  Birding Around Las Vegas  
  Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve  
  Lahonton Audubon - Reno  
  NW Nevada Birding Sites Map  

  Bird Checklist of Utah  
  Utah Ornithological Society  
  Utah Records Committee  
  County Map  
  Bridgerland Audubon  
  Westwings - Tour Company  
  Utah Birding Trails Wasatch Audubon Society

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