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 Birding Organizations in Minnesota

Compiled by Bob Ekblad            

Minnesota Ornithologists' Union   ( MOU)

  • MOU is a state-wide birding organization
    • Includes general membership and affiliate organizations
    • Mission of the MOU:
      • 1) To promote the enjoyment of birdwatching, and ensure that pleasure for future generations through the use of education, conservation, and mentoring.
      • 2) To provide a scientific arm for collection and interpretation of data provided by the membership.
    • MOU web page

MOU Logo


  • MOU activities include field trips
    • Co-sponsor for Salt Lake Weekend (usually the 4th weekend in April at Salt Lake in Lac Qui Parle County - near Marietta/Madison)
    • Co-sponsor for Hawk Ridge Weekend (usually the 2nd weekend in September at Hawk Ridge in Duluth)
  • MOU Board Meetings and Paper Session
    • Board meetings are held at least 3 times per year
    • Paper Session on the first Saturday of December (includes presentations of papers & and a chance to meet new/old acquaintances)
  • MOU sponsors Hotline Bird Reports via two phone lines
    • Twin Cities / Statewide - Tele 763-780-8890 or 1-800-657-3700
      • Submit e-mail sighting reports of rare/unusual birds in Minnesota - Tony Hertzel, Editor
    • Duluth / NE MN - Tele 218-834-2858
      • Submit e-mail sighting reports of rare/unusual birds in the Duluth area - Jim Lind, Editor
    • There is also a NW Minnesota RBA that is sponsored by the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce - Tele 218-847-5743 / 800-433-1888
      • Submit e-mail sightings or rare/unusual birds in the NW quarter of Minnesota - Jeanie Joppru, Editor
    • Transcripts of all three of these RBAs are posted on MOU-Net (see info below) and on the MOU web page.
  • MOU tracks bird sightings and keeps historical sighting records
    • Handled by the MOU Records Committee (MOURC) and the Seasonal Report Committee
    • Submit reports/documentation to MOURC, c/o MOURC Chairperson
    • <>Listing of helpful websites on how to Document Rare or Out-of-range Species.
  • MOU sponsored publications
    • Minnesota Birding - Newsletter with information on MOU activities and about birders and birding in the state - Ben Wieland & Molly Malecek, Editors
    • The Loon - Technical  journal - Tony Hertzel, Editor
      • A nearly complete archive of The Loon is now available on the MOU website at http://moumn.org. This includes almost all issues of the magazine from 1939 to the present time.
  • MOU sponsored internet communications

Regional Minnesota Birding Organizations

    Club Name   (with link to web page)      Base City/Region
Northwest Minnesota
      Birding Hotline 218-847-5743
                          or  800-433-1888
   Submit reports to 800-542-3993 or 218-847-9202 or to Jeannie Joppru at : ajjoppru@wiktel.com
* Agassiz Audubon Society Warren  ( # Audubon Center of the Red River Valley )
* Fargo-Moorhead Audubon Society Moorhead  (and Fargo, ND)
* Brainerd Lakes Area Audubon Society Brainerd
* Mississippi Headwaters Audubon Society Bemidji
  Northwest Minnesota Bird Society Thief River Falls
Northeast Minnesota
        Birding Hotline 218-0728-5030
   Submit reports to the same number or to Jim Lind at  jlind@nrri.umn.edu
* Duluth Audubon Society Duluth
  Bee Nay-She Council Aitkin Co
  Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve Duluth
# North Woods Audubon Center Sandstone
  White Pine Audubon Society Hinkley
* Wild River Audubon Society Center City
Friends of Sax-Zim BogMeadowlands
Central Minnesota //
* Central Minnesota Audubon Society St Cloud
Twin Cities Area //
* Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis Minneapolis
Minneapolis Audubon SocietyMinneapolis 
* Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter Bloomington
  Roseville Bird Club Roseville
* Saint Paul Audubon Society St Paul
Southwest Minnesota //
  Cottonwood County Bird Club Mountain Lake
  Jackson County Bird Club Jackson Co
  Southwest Minnesota Warblers Bird Club Marshall
Southeast Minnesota //
* Albert Lea Audubon Society Albert Lea
* Austin Audubon Chapter Austin
* Coulee Region Audubon Society LaCrescent  (and LaCrosse, WI)
  Hiawatha Valley Audubon Society Winona
  Mankato Bird Club Mankato

National Eagle Center Wabasha
  Rice County Bird Club Faribault
* Zumbro Valley Audubon Society Rochester
  *  Chapter of the National Audubon Society
#  National Audubon Society Center