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North Dakota Sunflowers
North Dakota Field of Sunflowers
Frogs and Toads  -  MN DNR info   (includes Minnesota range maps)
information compiled from various sources including information from Steve Weston

                          @ = Audio & pictures on NatureNorth website  (Manitoba)    aafAll about Frogs   usgs - Upper Midwest ESC
TreefrogsLink    AudioIdentificationOlmsted

Cope's Gray Treefrog

linkusgs @ Fast, metallic buzzlike trill. 1-1/4" to 2" - Solid green or mottled gray, inner hind legs bright yellow-orange Yes

Gray Treefrog

link  usgs @ Musical, birdlike trill.  Similar to the Cope's Gray Treefrog, but slower.   1-1/4" to 2" - Solid green or mottled gray, inner thighs of hind legs yellowYes

Spring Peeper

linkaaf usgs @ Short, loud, high-pitched peep.  Chorus sounds like sleigh bells.  They call from early spring into summer  3/4" to 1-1/4" - Tan with dark "x" on backYes

Western & Boreal Chorus Frog

linkusgs @ Short, ascending trill-like b-r-e-e-e, resembling a thumb drawn along the teeth of a comb. They call from early spring until quite late in the summer. 3/4" to 1-1/2" - Dark, tan to shades of gray or red.  White line along upper lip. Yes
True Frogs Link    AudioIdentificationOlmsted
Green FroglinkusgsThroaty gunk or boink, like the pluck of a loose banjo string.2-3/8" to 3-1/2" - Similar to Bullfrog but may be more brown than green.
Pickerel FrogQuiet, long, drawn-out snore.  Similar to the Northern Leopard Frog, but lacking the chuckle at the end.1-3/4" to 3-1/4" - pale brown with brown spots in row on back and light-colored on undersideYes
Northern Leopard Froglinkaaf usgs @ Long, deep snore lasting several seconds and ending with a chuckling (chuck-chuck-chuck).2" to 3.5" - Green or brown with dark spots on back & legs.Yes
Bullfrogaaf usgs Resonant series of deep bass notes sounding like rrr-uum or jug-o-rum.3-1/3" to 8" - Green with yellow throat (M) or white throat (F)
Mink Froglinkusgs @ Rapid cut, cut, cut resembling a hammer striking wood.  A chorus of Mink Frogs sounds like horses on a cobblestone road2" to 3" - Greenish brown with bright green lips.
Wood Frogaaf usgs @ Short chuckle is a harsh racket, racket, racket.  A chorus sounds like the feeding call of the mallard.  Much softer call - easier to miss.  They only call for a couple of weeks in very earl spring2"-2-3/4" - Typically brown but ranges from reddish-brown to almost black.
ToadsLink    AudioIdentificationOlmsted
American Toadlinkusgs @ Long, drawn-out, high pitched, musical trill lasting up to 30 seconds.Typically brown or reddish, white chest usually with dark specklesYes
Great Plains Toadlink@ Loud, harsh pulsating trill with a metalic quality lasting more than 20 seconds..2" to 3-1/2" - Gray, brown or greenish with large blotches with contrasting white border, white chest with no speckles.
Canadian Toadlink@ Clear trill very similar to the American Toad, but lower in pitch and shorter, lasting approx 5 seconds.2" to 3-1/2" - Brown to green with drker brown, reddish or black spots, underside is light with dark flecks

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